Christmas Tree Upgrade

treeBlantyre Community Committee have a wonderful announcement!

We have secured an UPGRADE to the planned Blantyre Christmas tree, ensuring it will be a whopping 35 foot, instead of the usual 18 – 20 foot!

Committee members approached local businesses, who collectively have raised many hundreds of pounds for the “height upgrade” to happen. It is now confirmed by the council that Blantyre WILL get the tall tree!

Sincere thanks go not just to fellow committee members, but also to local businesses Dance Central, Blantyre Telegraph, Family Shopper, Merchant Services Broker, Paula Veverka Photography and Hazels Butterfly Bakery who have each kindly donated to make this happen for us all!

With decorative festive ribbons on sale in the bank and at the event itself, the Committee have also in recent years bought and funded 2,000 additional lights for the tree, which have been confirmed by the Council as DEFINITELY going to be added this year.

Set with beautiful new banners, all things being well, it’s hoped Blantyre will have a dazzling tree this year. The tree in the park, and the other at Kirkton will go up w/c 20th November.

The Low Blantyre tree will be illuminated at the switch on event at 4.15pm. Tree pictured back in 2012.

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