Sponsorship from Hastie Cars

Thank you to John Cunningham and HASTIE CARS BLANTYRE, for their very generous donation towards the running of the Gala Weekend. It is sincerely appreciated and wonderful to see a well known, local business supporting all of the community.


The Gala Weekend is held in Stonefield Public Park on Friday 8th – Sunday 10th June 2018 and taxi’s with licensed events going on, taxis will be required. Blantyre Community Committee will ensure all tables have taxi numbers and cards on them during the 80s Party Night and at the Live at Livvies. We’ll be setting up a dedicated place in our command station for people to phone a taxi and creating a little temporary taxi rank at the David Dale Council Offices, right beside the venue. With this sponsorship, the preferred taxi service we’ll be recommending to all visitors will be HASTIE CARS.

Meantime, the sponsorship monies will be going towards buying wristbands for children, which can be bought inexpensively by parents for continuous all day passes on the many inflatables coming this year! Further monies from this sponsorship will be going towards buying arts and crafts to give children free activities on Gala Day itself.

Thank you HASTIE CARS! You’re the best!!


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