Fundraising Platform Built

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We’ve been busy this month building a brand NEW fantastic Fundraising Platform, here on our website. This excellent addition to the site, allows the general public, businesses and organisations to be involved and assist with our fundraising efforts!

We’ve uploaded many different campaigns, requiring funding of different magnitudes, from some campaigns requiring £20, to others requiring £1,500. The idea is that YOU, your family, friends, business or organisation can be involved in donations from as little as only £2 and help achieve all these campaign goals.

On the right hand side of the site, you can see the stats. The amount of campaigns, what’s been donated etc.

All monies raised go towards the public events we host, going BACK to the entire community. Without your gracious and appreciated support, we’d never be able to host the events we do. SO THANK YOU! Check out our Fundraising Campaigns and see how YOU can help here:

Updated: February 13, 2019 — 11:48 am

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