Beautiful ‘Royal Robes’


With the Royal Gala Party this year extending to 10 kids (the most we’ve ever had up on stage at Gala Day), we suddenly found we needed more Royal Robes, crowns and medals.

Crowns and Medals are secured through kind donation and we’re pleased to announce tonight that the extra 4 Royal robes (for girls and boys) are being made through a very kind and generous collaboration from former Committee members Rose and Caroline Lee and from Bonnie Blantyre’s Susan Lindner.

We’re thrilled about this as we know what a fantastic job Rose and Caroline did in making the first 6 a few years ago (pictured). Reusable each year, they look really beautiful and fitting for Blantyre royalty! Thank you ladies.

(We’ll be in touch with the parents of the Royal Gala Party later in the week and hope to meet up with you all beforehand to hand over robes, tiaras and crowns for your cherubs a week or so before the event).

Updated: May 20, 2019 — 7:15 pm

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