Looking for Hair Stylists

Har Stylists

Wouldn’t it be great, as with previous years if some Hair Stylists came forward in Blantyre to give the little girls in the Royal Gala Party a stylish hair style!

We’re looking for local stylists, salons, hairdressers (either shop or mobile based) to kindly volunteer to give the 5 little girls in the “royal party” a makeover for their big, special Gala day on Sunday 16th June 2019. Ideally, this would be done early that Sunday morning.

If YOU are in a position to help with this, perhaps even offer to do one or two, then please do get in touch by messenger on our facebook page or by email at:

Don’t worry Gala boys…we’ll have treats in store for you too!

‘Thanks’ will later be offered by including stylists name(s) in the official programme for the event. Please feel free to TAG anybody interested. Thanks.

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