Gala Weekend – Countdown Started!

Our 2 week countdown to Blantyre Summer Gala has started!

We’re thrilled to announce that once again, (despite being only a handful of volunteers), we’ve raised enough money to host yet another fantastic Summer Gala in Blantyre, this year a first spanning over 4 fun packed days! With the whole event costing a five figure sum, fundraising behind the scenes throughout the year in advance plays a vital part in what we do.

This year, it’s largely thanks to the The National Lottery Community Fund which awarded us an amazing grant for a third of our costs, something we sincerely appreciate. It removed a huge amount of pressure on fundraising and means we can keep the event entry FREE and put on many FREE things for all the family.

With many other local businesses providing some degree of sponsorship and of course our own fundraising efforts, the Gala this year is set to be bigger and better than ever, with focus on providing some brand new entertainment and things to do.

All we need now is the weather!

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Gala countdown1

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