New Equipment Purchased!


A couple of months back, we received a fantastic grant awarded from ‘Coalfields Regeneration Trust’ for £4,155. Thanks again to everybody in and around Blantyre who voted for us.

The award was incredibly exciting for us and has now been wisely spent.  We used it to buy our own equipment, including outright purchase of 36 brand new tables and 108 folding chairs, which will reduce requirement for any future hiring. We also bought 2 professional table and chair trolleys to make setting out everything much easier. It also bought 2 large popup marquees and a small generator. All safely delivered and now ready in storage.

This was just part of very welcome funding news received by us in recent weeks. Such funds, hugely help for future events, reduce requirement for funding in future and will ensure Blantyre Community Committee put on events, the very best they can be!

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