Attention Royal Gala Parents

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An important post for the parents or guardians of the Royal Gala Party kids!

There’s a quick 15 minute meeting at 7.00pm at Blantyre Miners Welfare, Calder Street, Blantyre on the evening of Tuesday 11th June 2019 for the parents of the 10 kids in this years Royal Gala Party.

Parents or guardians of:
Liam Ford (Gala King)
Eva Elliott (Gala Queen)
Kara OBrien (Duchess of Blantyre)
Jack Downie (Duke of Blantyre)
Charlie Milne (Lady Blantyre)
Sam McDonald (Lord Blantyre)
Logan Faulkner (Prince of Blantyre)
Kody Nicol (Princess of Blantyre)
Xander Laird (Count Blantyre)
Cerys Brown (Countess Blantyre)

Please come along to this short meeting to :

  1. Pick up your child’s hired Royal Gala Robe.
  2. Pick up your child’s Crown or Tiara.
  3. Confirm Limo Pick up address.
  4. Find out more information about your child’s special day.

Why not bring the kids along too? It’s the perfect opportunity for them all to meet each other in advance of the gala! It’ll only take 15 minutes and means you’ll be organised.  Please note, non-attendance will mean parents will have to contact us to make alternative pickup arrangements. We want your child’s memorable gala day to be hassle free, fun and enjoyable, so please do try to attend.

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