Gala Girls Hair Styled


Attention parents of the Blantyre Gala Royal Girls!

Katrina Stewart at Cut Above Hairdressers on Glasgow Road has kindly arranged for the girls in the Royal Gala party to have their hair done professionally on the morning of Sunday 16th June 2019.

Would the parents of Eva Elliott, Kara OBrien, Charlie Milne, Kody Nicol and Cerys Brown please contact Katrina to make an appointment or let her know if you want to make use of this kind offer. It’s intended the girls hair will be done early in the morning, allowing them time to get home and get ready before the limos pick them up. You can message Katrina at the Cut Above Page on Facebook or pop in.

Sincere thanks to Cut Above for their support and kindness.

Updated: June 5, 2019 — 8:44 am

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