Market Bookings Now Closed

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Market Pitch Bookings for this weekend Summer Gala…..are now closed. We have a final number of 68 amazing pitches with such a variety of incredible goods and services. Thank you to all our vendors.

Vendors….You can see your stall number here:

More Information for vendors

Grass Pitches behind the Blantyre Leisure Centre. Just off John Street, G72 0JS.



You will be provided a 6 foot trestle table along with a stackable folding seat and binbags.

  • Vendors may wish to bring a clothes rail in order to hang products and goods from. There’s plenty of room!
  • Vendors may wish to bring an additional chair


Arrival from 10.00am onwards. Drive into the Grass park behind the sports centre next to the marquee, offload goods then re-park car out in street or on the designated area at the park, unless you are a blue badge holder in which you can park closer to the stalls. Goods left  at your own risk. Parking attendants will assist parking. Parking is FREE.  Cars are NOT permitted to park permanently on the grass.


You will be allocated an indoor or if requested, outdoor pitch area 3m x 3m.



Rain protection has been organised. Refunds will be provided if the entire event is cancelled due to stormy weather. Refunds WILL NOT be given for any non attendance, regardless of reason. For clarity, your Pitch payment is NON REFUNDABLE if the event progresses.


Blantyre Community Committee cannot be responsible for how much stock you sell or the popularity of your stall. You are responsible for what you sell and what time you pack up at. Blantyre Community Committee takes NO responsibility for duplication of other stalls that may be selling something similar or the same as you and you are expected to have read the list of confirmed bookings and what they sell, before you decided to progress to payment.

Your Stock and belongings are solely your responsibility. Anything you leave out or on display is at your own risk. There is no daytime security at the event, although first aid is on hand.


Wheelie Bins will be located throughout the venue but please take all your rubbish and empties away with you afterwards. The pitch area must be left totally clear at the end of the event. There will be a £20 fine to any pitch holder who has left it in a mess as we need to pay to dispose of the rubbish and clear it up. If you need assistance just ask but please do not dump full bin bags.

Any problems, the Committee can instantly be contacted on Facebook


There will be a hot food and drinks available on site. The nearest ATM facilities are nearby at ASDA, so better to come with cash for any purchases. Toilets are on site, including disabled facilities.



We facepainting  specifically set up so no facepainting will be permitted by vendors.

Selling of soft drinks in cans, teas and coffees is not permitted, this service provided exclusively by the Fairground.

Silly string is extremely difficult to clear from the park so (ideally) no selling of this.

Fireworks, alcohol and tobacco products are also strictly disallowed.

More information for Vendors can be found here:

Updated: June 12, 2019 — 7:51 pm

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