We are Blantyre Community Committee

Blantyre Community Committee

We did it! Blantyre Summer Gala is now over for 2019! What an amazing time we’ve had organising and hosting a memorable 4 day event for everybody in this town. It’s been exhausting but all our supermen and women on the committee have had a blast.

The set up problems, the last minute documents, the excitement, moments of incredible brilliance and ingenuity. The highs, the lows, the solutions and assistance. The panicky moments, the lengthy spells of absolute control and organised smoothness. The effort, the sore feet, tiredness, lack of sleep, working in the dark. Soaked to the skin, sunburned and dehydrated. The constant cleaning, attending to vendors, re-arranging tables and chairs…..

Thank you everybody, for all your support! We’ve LOVED every moment of it all! Our fun Committee is thriving and although we’re all absolutely shattered, we look forward to hosting more events for Blantyre very soon.

(but not too soon…)

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