About Blantyre

Blantyre is a civil Parish in South Lanarkhire, Scotland.

A former mining village, it is now a town with a population of 17,505 [2001 Census]. Situated 8 miles south east of Glasgow, it is surrounded by larger towns like Rutherglen, Hamilton, Motherwell and East Kilbride and as such is often forgotten about or down the “pecking order” for most things.


Shuttle Row, Blantyre – Birthplace of Explorer, David Livingstone 1813

It has a large Christian and Roman Catholic Communities with other religions now taking hold. It is a place of mass unemployment and in need of social housing and attention from authorities. It is known to have child poverty issues to a greater extent than neighbouring towns, despite their larger sizes. Despite this, Blantyre is a beautiful place, with community working hard to supplement ‘cash strapped’, stretched council services.

Blantyre was “crying out” for a Volunteer organisation to host fun and FREE events that the whole community can enjoy, free of social divide, free to enter, with freebies given out, especially for children!

Our Committee aims to’ Bring the Community Together‘ again. With a little help from sponsorship, we think as Blantyre Community Committee, a Volunteer non Profit organisation, we have the perfect recipe to do that successfully, affordably and efficiently to the maximum, long lasting benefit of all the residents in Blantyre.

Updated: June 21, 2018 — 8:43 pm