About Us

‘Blantyre Community Committee ‘ – Background

Founded in April 2012 by a group of enthusiastic local individuals, Blantyre Committee Committee is a properly constituted volunteer organisation, which operates as a non profit venture, to benefit the community of Blantyre as a whole. The Committee, whilst undertaking many charitable acts to promote spirit of community, wellbeing and togetherness, is not a registered charity.

The self funding organisation meets monthly and the annual AGM is every April. They rely completely upon their own fundraising and any grants or donations to host their events each year.  The organisation initially had 22 members but in recent years has decreased in size to 9 dedicated, enthusiastic people, each bringing a unique set of professional skills to the volunteer group. The non-political party, relies upon being self-funded through their own fundraising activities and are most open to any grants.

Who are We?

Meet the team! This fun, motivated lot keep Blantyre’s calendar busy!

Blantyre Community Committee are in no particular order, Stephen McDade, Aimee Glen, Hazel Krawczyk, Chloe Glen, Paul Veverka, current Chairperson Arlene Green, Barry Watt, our youngest volunteer Lewis Watt, Marianne Timmons and  Louise Plummer.


Some of the current and former members in 2016

Special thanks for previous years go out to former members Rose & Caroline Lee, Maryann McCue, Gillian Cunningham and Teresa Green and of course all the people locally who helped out or assisted at each event.

Their past efforts were most appreciated.

Current Elected Committee Board Members at AGM 12/4/19:

Chairperson: Arlene Green
Vice Chairperson: Hazel Krawczyk
Treasurer: Paul Veverka
Secretary: Barry Watt

Our Events

Since 2012, the Committee has organised and hosted an annual Festive Event for the whole town of Blantyre, including a large festive market supported by many local businesses and with assistance from South Lanarkshire Council. An instant success, the Christmas lights switch on was attended each year by over 2,500 people.

In 2015, the Committee brought back Blantyre’s official annual Summer Gala Day, which was greatly welcomed by the community on 27th June 2015 on a fine, warm day. The event has been run annually each Summer, since.

In 2016, the Committee expanded their events to host “Live at Livvies“, a fantastic annual music festival, bringing together the community with music of many genres for people of all ages. Again keeping entry free, providing a spectacular event for the enjoyment of families from all over Blantyre. This is now an annual, popular free event.

In 2018, a brand new event took place along side the others above. “Blantyre 80’s Party” is an evening, ticketed event, celebrating the music of the 80s. This particular event assists fundraising for the later Christmas event and to ensure the Summer Gala and Live near Livvies remains FREE for people to attend.

Other planned events like “Blantyre’s got Talent” help keep the group contemporary and expand the experience and enjoyment of all taking part.

The group rely upon local sponsorship, individual donations and where possible small grants from charitable organisations, like the rather excellent Coalfields Regeneration Trust, SLC and BIG Community Lottery. The Committee has the full support of the local MP, local counclllors and indeed have forged many strong relationships with several council departments, for the greater good of Blantyre.

Blantyre Community Committee is well known in Blantyre, much respected and are going from strength to strength. In September 2017, a relaunched, updated image was applied to websites providing an emphasis on fun for all and a fresh outwardly looking and motivated focus on an exciting future for the expanding committee.

It is most definitely onwards and upwards with a dedicated, fun group, most certainly here to stay!

Updated: November 15, 2019 — 12:17 am