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From January 2019, all our receipts can now be uploaded by each Committee member to one central location here on our Forum.

CURRENT 2019 Receipts Below:

From Strictly Tables & Chairs
23/5/19 – Spending part of Coalfields grant on buying 36 tables, 108 folding seats , table and chair trolleys. Bought direct from our Bank account via Paypal facility. [Paypal Receipt] [Order] [Invoice] [Table Spec] [Chair Spec] [Confirmation] £3,101.64

From Alexander Fleming at BounceXL
22/5/19 – Hire of Shootout Inflatable for 2 days incl £25 deposit. £125. Paid by their Paypal invoice directly from BCC Paypal account [Receipt]

From First Fence
3/5/19 – 17.5m Heras Fencing, clips & Feet bought directly using BCC Paypal account [Download Receipt] [Download Order] £324.83

From Lights4Fun
10/5/19 – 10 sets of coloured connectable 5m lights for decorating marquee [Download Receipt] [Invoice] £104.93

From B&Q
10/5/19 – MDF and Lacquer for Terminal 1 to make signage for gala entrance [Download Receipt] £39.54. Reimbursed to PV by Paypal on 11/5/19 within £309.80 transfer which included below amazon order.

From Amazon
11/5/19 – 500 Yellow, 500 Pink, 1000 Green personalised Wristbands. Bought by PV, reimbursed by Paypal same day [Receipt] [Paypal Transfer] £75.97
11/5/19 – For 8x Marigolds, Fire Exit Signs, First aid and Toilets Signs, 328 foot Bunting, 48 Rain Ponchos, String, 2 Cloth Tablecloths, 4 new Hi-vis vests, A5&A4 Programme clear stands, Command Electric Extension reel and usb points with surge protection, Electric Kettle and 6 mugs, Cork Pinboard & Pins, 2 new Beofang 2 way radios, 6 radio earpieces, MDF boards an lacquer for T1 entrance sign. Bought by PV, reimbursed by Paypal same day [Receipt] [Paypal Transfer] £309.80 (included B&Q 10/5/19 order above)
11/5/19 – PV Buying 10 Crowns, Tiaras, sceptres for the Royal Gala Kids. Reimbursed same day by Paypal. [Receipt] [Paypal Transfer] £75.84
11/5/19 – PV bought 80s backdrops, 80s scene setters, banners, neon decorative reflective tape decorations, duck tape, accessories. Reimbursed by Paypal separately same day. [Receipt] [Paypal Transfer] £143.93
20/5/19 – AG bought Blue 9mx3m Gazebo [Receipt] £220.00

From Trophystore
11/5/19 – Buying 10 medals and ribbons and 10 trophies for royal kids by Paypal [Trophystore Receipt] [Paypal Receipt] £74.49

From Facebook (Advertising)
15/5/19 – 80s Party Online advertising £0.11  [Receipt1]

Historical pre 2018 Receipts Archived Below:

11/11/18 – 10 Tablecloths / 200 glowsticks ordered by PV [Download]

26/10/18Receipt for Fireworks totalling £140 bought by PV [Download]

From Currys
4/5/18Receipt for Freezer £299 bought by HK [Download]

From South Lanarkshire Council
5/6/18Receipt for Application for Raised Structure £20.00 [Download]

From Terminal One, Logan Street, Blantyre
10/8/18Receipt for donating £300 for the PA system summer 18 [Download] 119kb .jpg

From Timpsons
3/8/18Receipt for Printing and Photos for funding £23.75 [Download] 2.4mb .jpg

Updated: May 22, 2019 — 11:18 pm