Gala Crown Competition

Blantyre Community Committee are now looking for Blantyre’s Gala King and Queen for the Summer Gala Day!! Indeed, we’re looking for EIGHT children to crown a King & Queen, Prince & Princess, Lord & Lady, Duke & Duchess.

This fantastic honour is an excellent prize for local children. EIGHT children forming Blantyre’s “Royal Pageant” will be treated like royalty, be driven in Limousines and will be given royal robes and crowns to wear on the Summer Gala day. All they need to do is turn up smartly dressed. They will also be given a momento for the day and after the crowning ceremony at the Gala day on Sunday 16th June 2019 , they can scoot off and enjoy the rest of the fun.

If YOUR child is aged between 7 – 10 and would like to be crowned in this exciting event now brought back to our town, then all you need to do is complete the form below with their full name and your contact details. That’s it! All the names will  be drawn at random on Sunday 5th May 2019, this year by our selected special guest, Bonnie Blantyre, whose decision is final. Any questions, please contact Blantyre Community Committee on their Facebook page here.


  • All nominations must live in Blantyre at the time of being nominated.
  • Children must strictly be aged 7 to 10 at the time of nomination.
    They must be available on Sunday 16th June from midday until 1pm and accompanied each by at least one adult (parent or guardian).
  • You cannot nominate any child who has previously been crowned in the Gala.


Updated: April 22, 2019 — 6:41 pm